How can I display loan information in the table view

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Last Updated: August 15, 2019
Keywords: loan, information, search, table view

With Readerware you can create and customize table views and when dealing with loans you can include the loan columns like Borrower, Loan Due Date etc.

By default these fields are only populated when you use a loan search.

By default Readerware does not display loan information on a normal search, the loan columns will be blank. This is because normal searches are item searches, Readerware will return a list of matching items. Loan searches return outstanding loans. Suppose you had 5 copies of a book with 3 out on loan. A normal search would return that book once. A loan search will return that book 3 times with the loan information filled out for each loan. So you need to do a loan search to fill out the loan information for each active loan.

You can change this behavior if you prefer that Readerware include loan information on all searches. Select the Preferences menu item, then Loans.

If you have entered each copy into the database separately, then the loan information will be correct. If you are using the copies field to track multiple loans, Readerware will display information from the first loan.