How can I catalog books in a remote location without Internet access?

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Last Updated: October 05, 2019
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There are a couple of ways to do this, you can use Readerware or Readerware Mobile.


Readerware Mobile

Readerware Mobile has a built in barcode capture feature, Android, iOS. Scan a list of barcodes and Readerware Mobile will convert them to ISBNs or UPCs and save them. You can also enter an ISBN if you run across some older books without barcodes.

When you return home start Readerware auto-catalog on your computer. On the ISBN input page, click on the Upload button to upload the barcode scans from Readerware Mobile directly in to the auto-catalog wizard.



If you have items stored in a remote location without Internet access you can use Readerware to capture the barcode scans and ISBNs/UPCs and catalog them when you return home.

At the remote location start Readerware auto-catalog and enter the items you want to catalog. You can scan the barcode or enter the ISBN/UPC just as you would normally. Readerware will validate your input and ensure that the ISBN/UPC is valid.

When your list is complete click on the Save List button and save the data to a file. You can then cancel out of the auto-catalog wizard.

Back home start Readerware auto-catalog and on the item input page click on the Load List button. Select the file you created earlier. The list will be displayed and you can continue with auto-catalog as normal.

You could create the file at the remote location using another program like a text editor, spreadsheet or word processor. But there is a real advantage to using Readerware for this. Readerware will validate the ISBN of a book or the UPC of a DVD/CD as you enter it. If you make an error you will know about it while you still have the item in you hand.