Can Readerware print barcode labels?

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Last Updated: October 05, 2019
Keywords: barcode. print, printer, labels


Select the File->Print->Barcodes menu item


You can select the source data for the barcode. It can contain:

  • Book ID
  • Barcode
  • User Number
  • ISSN
  • LCCN
  • Dewey Decimal Number
  • Call Number

You can optionally include a line of text on the barcode label. This can be static text like "Property of John Smith". It can also contain report writer keywords so that you can include formatted data from the database. For example:


Readerware will include the first three characters of the authors last name in uppercase.

For more information on the report writer keywords, see books, music, video.


When printing barcodes you can print them for the current search results or you can select the items you want to print in the table view. You select the appropriate option under Record Selection in the Barcode Page Setup Dialog.

You can print barcodes on any Ink Jet or laser printer on full sheet labels. Readerware supports Avery 5160/8160 label sheets.

Readerware also supports Dymo LabelWriter printers like the Dymo LabelWriter 450. These printers use single labels so there is no wasted paper. We support two label types, the Dymo address label, 30252 and the Dymo barcode label 1738595. The address label is easier to find and is a little bigger than the barcode label. This is important if you plan on printing an additional line of text on the barcode label.