Can Readerware get the list price of a book?

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Last Updated: April 08, 2015
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Note: This article was written for Readerware 2 and is not applicable to Readerware 3. Readerware 3 will get the list price automatically.



By default Readerware gets the current value of a book. For a new book that is the current retail price listed on the site you are cataloging from. If the book is out of print and only used copies are available then this is the lowest used price.

To get the list price select the Preferences menu item, Web Import tab. From the Value drop down list select the List Price option. Now when you catalog books Readerware will store the list price in the Value column.

If you have already cataloged books and want to update them with the list price use auto-update. Tell Readerware to always replace the Value column. Readerware can then go through your entire database fetching the list price for all books.

Don't forget that Readerware can display the total value of the books in your collection. Select the View->View Statistics menu item. This will display a number of statistics on your data including the value. This can be useful for insurance purposes.


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