Can I use the report writer for web pages with images?

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Last Updated: June 01, 2012
Keywords: report, writer, images, printing


The first thing you need to do is export your images from Readerware so that you can upload the image files to your web site. Select File->Export. Select an image export and choose how you want the image files named and what image format you want to use.

Readerware will create an Images folder containing the selected images. In the following example we have chosen to name images using the ISBN and use the PNG format.

When creating your template you need to build the IMG HTML tag yourself rather than use the [[$IMAGE]] keyword. This is because we need to reference the image file as it will appear on your web site rather than on your local hard drive

For example:

    <IMG SRC="/Images/[[$RAWISBN]].PNG">

This might generate:

    <IMG SRC="/Images/9781400064168.PNG">

Then you can upload the page created by the report writer and your exported Images folder to your web site.