Can I install Readerware on multiple machines?

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Last Updated: June 01, 2012
Keywords: license, home, office, desktop, laptop


As the only user, you can install Readerware on multiple machines with a single license. For example, many users these days have a desktop PC and a laptop. You can install Readerware on both with a single license.

As Readerware is a cross platform application, that means you can also install Readerware on machines running different operating systems. For example if your desktop is a Windows PC and your laptop a Mac, you can still install Readerware on both with a single license.

You must be the only user when installing Readerware on multiple machines. For example you could install Readerware on your office PC and your home PC as long as you are the only user. But if while you are using Readerware on your home PC, a coworker is using Readerware on your office PC, multiple licenses are required.