Can I identify borrowers at checkout using a barcode reader?

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Last Updated: October 05, 2019
Keywords: loans, barcode, borrower

Yes. If you have barcoded ID or library cards that borrowers use when checking out, you can scan the barcode instead of selecting the borrower by name.

When you define your borrowers in Readerware, you can assign a unique ID to each borrower. Scan your barcode into the ID field.

When checking a book out you can identify the borrower by selecting them from the Loaned To list or by scanning the barcode into the ID field below the list.

If you will be using a barcode reader to identify students there is a preferences setting that will make the process easier. Normally when you bring up the loan dialog the focus is set in the Loaned To field, you can type the first few characters of the borrower name and select. You can tell Readerware to focus the ID field when the loan dialog is displayed. That way you can click on the Loan button and immediately scan the barcode to identify the borrower. Select the Preferences menu item, then Loans.

Once you have this set up the basic process for checking out a book is:

  • Select an ISBN search and scan the barcode on the book
  • Click on the Loan Button
  • Scan the borrower barcode