Can I create multiple databases?

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Last Updated: October 06, 2019
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Yes, you can create as many databases as you want.

Select File->New Database to create a new empty database. The standard file selection dialog will be displayed. Navigate to the folder where you want to create the database and enter the name for your new database. You can create your database wherever you want but you should choose a convenient location and name that you will remember.

Select File->Open Database to switch databases. The standard file selection dialog will be displayed. Navigate to the folder where your database is located and select it. Readerware will load your database and display your data.

Readerware remembers the last accessed database and will open that database automatically the next time the program is started.

How many databases do I need?

Most users will only want the one database.

Sometimes users create different databases for each category, for example Fiction, History, Gardening etc. You can certainly do this if you want but a Readerware database is designed to hold different types of books.

There is a Category column in the database that you can use to identify different types of books. You can create hierarchical categories for example:

Fiction : Mystery
Fiction : Thrillers
History : US : Civil War
History : US : Presidents


You can search by category and print the different types of books even when they are in the same database.

Other reasons you might consider multiple databases is cataloging books in different locations or with different owners, but again Readerware has a location column to track this.

The downside to multiple databases is constant switching of databases when you need to search for different types of books. Plus moving books between databases can be tricky. If you move a book from one location to another, you have to update both databases. If the books are all in the same database you simply update the location column.

In general it is normally easier to use one database, you can still search for and print out books in a certain category or location etc.

You can create as many databases as you need but you should consider the ramifications before creating a lot of databases.