Auto-Update is giving my unexpected results, Why?

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Last Updated: October 06, 2019
Keywords: auto-update, auto, update, columns

As you probably know, Readerware auto-update allows you to update your database by extracting additional information from the web.

You select the items you want to update, which database columns you want to extract and tell Readerware to either always update a column or only update it if empty. You set this option on a column by column basis.

This is a very powerful feature, but some users have found the update mode setting to be confusing. The update mode is set on a column by column basis, it does not apply to all columns.

This means that in a single auto-update run you can for example, always update the Value column and extract images only if the image is currently empty.

The way to do this is to double click on the Value column to select it for updating, then set the mode for the Value to always update. Next you double click on the Image column and then set the image mode, update if empty.

Some users thought that the mode applied to ALL columns not to an individual column. Therefore they would select Value and image and select always update, thinking that both fields would always be updated. But the mode setting only applies to the selected column. You need to set the mode as you select the column.