Readerware 3.45 for Linux

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Downloads include all versions of Readerware for books, music and video. You can review the Readerware Release Notes before installing.

32 bit, 64 bit and ARM versions are available, you must download the correct version for your system.

Both deb package installers and generic command line installers are available. We recommend the packge installers if your Linux distribution supports them.

To install Readerware or upgrade your current installation, just launch the installer and follow the on screen instructions. When upgrading there is no need to uninstall first, just install over your current installation. This will upgrade the Readerware programs but will not touch your database.

After downloading, please check out the Readerware Newsletter. You can sign up for a free newsletter subscription, it will keep you informed about new Readerware releases and features.

Need help getting started with Readerware? Check out the Readerware Tutorials.

Thank you for downloading Readerware for Linux. Full support is always available.



Minimum System Requirements

  • Pentium processor or better
  • 64 megabytes (MB) or higher recommended. Check minimum requirements for the Linux distribution you are using.
  • At least 90 MB of free disk space
  • For best results a screen resolution of at least 800 by 600 and more than 256 colors is recommended. As usual more memory equals better performance.