Readerware Release Notes

Readerware 4.02

The Windows installer was always adding start menu shortcuts for all programs even if you only installed some of the programs.

Due to changes in the way Amazon delivers their pages, Readerware was having problems accessing the site.

In Readerware Music the contributor use counts were unreliable in the list editor.

In the Readerware Loan Client, the stock list for printing borrower barcodes was incorrect. If an unsupported stock was selected, Readerware could go into a printing loop.

On Linux the loan client shortcuts were incorrect.

Windows users can use the new one click upgrade installer with this upgrade. You can select the Download Now button when notified of new upgrades. To upgrade now select the Preferences menu item, then Update and click on the Check Now button.

Readerware 4.01

Readerware 4.01 addresses some issues discovered in the initial Readerware 4.00 release:
Fixed an exception converting an SQL Server database to Readerware 4 format.

Type ahead in the contributor lists was not working correctly for accented characters. This was a side effect of a change made in Readerware 4.00. When using type ahead it will now match accented characters, i.e. typing in "Sine" might match "Sinéad O'Connor". In case this feature causes other problems there is now a contributor preference to turn it off.

A search for multiple authors, i.e. Author is author 1 or author 2 was looping.

Storing a Readerware database on a cloud drive can corrupt the database if the cloud service tries to sync different versions of the database. Readerware now checks when you create or open a database to see if it is on any of the well known cloud services. A warning is issued if the database is stored on a cloud drive.

Help was not working in RWServer Config.

There could be problems if you were running different Readerware programs at the same time both converting a Readerware 3 database to Readerware 4 format. i.e. books and music. This has now been fixed.

The Language search was returning incorrect results.

Changing some preferences would not stick when running Readerware in client/server mode. They would be reset when Readerware was restarted.

The Readerware Windows installer is now more anti-virus friendly. You should not see file in use errors as Readerware is installed.

We added a new easy upgrade path for Windows users which will kick in when the next update is available.

Readerware 4.00

Readerware 4 is a major upgrade, it includes:
New advanced search capabilities. Search on multiple fields and conditions. You can perform negative searches, search for date ranges, empty fields etc. You can save searches and run them at any time.

You can copy/paste complete items in the same database and between databases. You can now merge multiple databases using copy/paste.

Standard columns can now be renamed. Each database can have customized column names.

You can now include up to eight images for each item. Four thumbnail and four large images.

Auto-Catalog can now be hidden. It will continue in the background letting you use other programs while auto-catalog is running.

A Readerware database can now include a description to help you keep track of multiple databases.

Improved support for accented characters when searching.

Network information detection is improved.

Readerware 4 (Books) now handles a series number with a decimal place, i.e. 3.1

Readerware 4 (Music) now includes support for multiple artists.

Readerware 4 (Music) can auto-catalog from Discogs.

The Readerware Loan Client now handles all media types. The loan client automatically connects to all databases provided by the server and lets you checkout any item from the one program.

Numerous other enhancements and updates

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