Readerware Release Notes

Readerware 4.13

Due to a change in the underlying runtime system, Readerware lost the ability to display images with a CMYK color space. Most users were not affected as this type of image is rare on the web. The symptom of this problem was some images not displaying. It might appear that the image was lost, but the data is still there in the database, it was a display only issue. This problem has now been fixed and all your images will display again.

When sorting by call number, Readerware now handles invalid call numbers better. If some call numbers were invalid, there could be an exception while sorting. The sort will now complete even if the call number is bad, but the sequence might not be as expected.

Readerware 4.12

Readerware Mobile now supports multiple condition searches and negative searches.

Readerware Mobile now supports Format, Location and Status searches.

Want list searches in Readerware Mobile now include Want items and Ordered items, just like the full version

You can now recall and rerun searches in Readerware Mobile.

Some navigation controls were missing in Readerware Mobile. They are now available making navigation within the app easier.

You can now sync the ASIN and the purchase fields to Readerware Mobile.

The bulk editor Title editor now includes an option to reverse titles beginning with An.

Added Loans search to the Readerware Loan Client.

The File->Properties menu item could crash if not all databases were set in the Readerware Loan Client.

If the Readerware Loan Client mode was set to return, the outstanding loans were not displayed when a borrower was selected.

Worked on the loan client item section help page. It was still book focused. The Readerware 4 loan client can handle all media types.

Readerware 4.11

You can now select the rows you want to process with the report writer. You can choose to print the current search results or the selected items.

You can now choose the rows you want to export. You can choose to export the entire database, the current search results or the selected items.

Fixed a problem with the Database Chooser dialog. If the database is in use, the Connect to a Readerware Server option was missing from the Database Chooser.

Fixed an issue that could display a drag & drop error when the Amazon API was not available. Readerware will now automatically fall back to standard extraction if the Amazon API is not available.

Amazon can now return multiple items on an ISBN search. Readerware will now do a better job of selecting the intended item but may still get it wrong at times.

Added new tips at startup and improved on existing tips.

The report writer template list was not sorted correctly on the Linux and Mac platforms.

Readerware 4.10

Added new report writer tags that let you include an item count and the total value of items printed. [[$ITEM_COUNT]] and [[$ITEM_VALUE_TOTAL]]. These tags must appear outside of the BEGIN/END tags. They can appear multiple times at the top or bottom of the report.

Added new report writer templates to all products that includes these new tags. BasicTableWithTotals.html.

Fixed an issue with syncing user defined columns to Readerware Mobile. Bad data could be transferred that would cause Readerware Mobile to crash displaying items in the detail view. If you have been including user defined columns in Readerware Mobile it is recommended that you delete the database from your mobile device and sync again.

Fixed an issue handling unsaved changes in the detail view. If you clicked on the Back or Forward buttons with unsaved changes, Readerware did not advance to the next item.

Fixed an issue exporting image URLs to TAB delimited and CSV files. Readerware was not handling the large images correctly.

Added a new option for displaying images in the detail view. You can now select the last image.

Fixed an issue adding a series number with a decimal. On systems where the decimal separator is a comma, you could not enter a series number with a decimal, i.e. 3,5

Dewey Decimal Numbers were not sorting correctly if you selected the Alpha Numeric sort option in preferences. This option is now ignored when sorting Dewey Decimal Numbers.

Fixed an issue in the video version auto-catalog. When cataloging from Amazon Readerware could return the Prime Video version because Amazon seems to be pushing Prime Video now. Changed the way we search at Amazon to always return the correct item.

Readerware 4.09

Fixed a restore problem, images could be scaled unnecessarily.

Improved multi monitor support.

Added Dewey Decimal Number and Call Number columns to the loan client table view.

Loan client item table view was not always sorting items correctly.

Fixed some positioning issues printing to Dymo labels.

Fixed a problem printing Borrower ID barcodes to A4 stock. Readerware could loop while printing.

Readerware 4.08

Added new Update & Next and Update & Previous buttons to the detail view. You can now update and move to the next/previous item in one click.

The Drag & Drop Update function was not updating actors.

If Readerware is unable to connect to the Readerware server, the error dialog now includes more information and a Retry button.

When you enter registration information, your registration is now saved immediately. It used to be saved at exit and if Readerware was not closed cleanly, the registration could be lost.

Fixed a problem in the Readerware Loan Client. If the default item search was set to Product Key, the search for field was not displayed and the item search could hang.

Fixed a problem cataloging when Readerware did not have the latest site list. This could happen the first time a user tried to catalog in Readerware 4 after upgrading from Readerware 3.

The Want List Browser button was not always selecting the correct site.

The Help toolbar button was not right aligned on Linux.

Readerware 4.07

You can now drag & drop to the want list window. The item will be added to the database and the status set to Want.

You can now select a site to be used when displaying an item in your browser. Readerware used to use the first auto-catalog site. You can now select your preferred site separately from auto-catalog sites. The new option is on the Site preferences page.

Since Readerware 4.03, the Windows installer has been saving the install location in the Windows registry. Beginning with this release the Windows upgrade installer now uses this location for the upgrade. So if you have Readerware 4.03 or later installed, the upgrade installer will now copy the upgrade to your preferred location. If you are running an earlier version of Readerware 4, use the full install from the website. You will be able to use the upgrade installer beginning with the next release.

If you select the option to add a dummy item to the database when auto-catalog returns not found, any auto-catalog defaults you specify will now be included in the dummy item. For example the copies count can be set to 1.

Fixed a problem with the tree view. When displaying an item in your browser by selecting the item in the tree view, Readerware may have displayed the wrong item.

Fixed a problem with the tree view. Using drag & drop to update an item or fetch a new image could update the wrong item.

Fixed a problem searching a user defined Y/N column. Readerware was not searching for all possible values so some items might have been missed.

Fixed a problem with the make portable function. The database was not reopened correctly which could cause exceptions when accessing the database.

New Readerware book auto-catalog and drag & drop sites added, Google Books and Book Depository.

Readerware 4.06

Fixed an auto-catalog problem that could cause auto-catalog to finish before all items were processed.

Readerware 4.05

Added support for accessing Amazon websites using their API. This is available at the Amazon US and UK websites. More to follow.

Amazon API access is now the default but can be changed using auto-catalog preferences.

Added a new toolbar button to display the selected item at your default website. This can now appear on the main toolbar and the want list toolbar.

Fixed a restore issue. When setting the new database name from the backup file name, it was not handling an automatic backup file which has a date and a timestamp.

Fixed a restore issue. After a restore we were not loading database preferences which could cause column names and user column definitions to be lost.

Refreshed summary page templates and added some new templates.

Readerware 4.04

Added new unlimited automatic backup option.

Added an option to reset database changed flag after manual backup.

Copy/Paste items between databases was not working on Linux.

The Make Portable function was not working on Linux.

Fixed a problem with the thumbnail view popups.

Readerware was not always displaying the site overloaded error and was displaying not found instead.

The preferences settings to turn off ISBN validation was not working in some cases, you would still get an error.

When editing track artists the entry could sometimes be duplicated. This could occur when the Contributor setting was set to Use sort name only.

Made website compression an external option

Readerware 4.03

New automatic backup, Readerware can now automatically backup your database and maintain the desired number of backup files.

Added new update check to the Readerware help menu.

Readerware now accepts compressed data from websites.

The Make Portable function was not working in Readerware 4. It was still trying to copy Readerware 3 files. It now creates a Readerware 4 portable installation.

The report writer was missing keywords for Borrower e-mail and Borrower Phone. These have been added.

Readerware was not finding the default media player on Linux.

The Windows installer now saves the install location in the Windows registry. This will be used with the new 1 click upgrade installer.

Readerware 4.02

The Windows installer was always adding start menu shortcuts for all programs even if you only installed some of the programs.

Due to changes in the way Amazon delivers their pages, Readerware was having problems accessing the site.

In Readerware Music the contributor use counts were unreliable in the list editor.

In the Readerware Loan Client, the stock list for printing borrower barcodes was incorrect. If an unsupported stock was selected, Readerware could go into a printing loop.

On Linux the loan client shortcuts were incorrect.

Windows users can use the new one click upgrade installer with this upgrade. You can select the Download Now button when notified of new upgrades. To upgrade now select the Preferences menu item, then Update and click on the Check Now button.

Readerware 4.01

Readerware 4.01 addresses some issues discovered in the initial Readerware 4.00 release:
Fixed an exception converting an SQL Server database to Readerware 4 format.

Type ahead in the contributor lists was not working correctly for accented characters. This was a side effect of a change made in Readerware 4.00. When using type ahead it will now match accented characters, i.e. typing in "Sine" might match "Sinéad O'Connor". In case this feature causes other problems there is now a contributor preference to turn it off.

A search for multiple authors, i.e. Author is author 1 or author 2 was looping.

Storing a Readerware database on a cloud drive can corrupt the database if the cloud service tries to sync different versions of the database. Readerware now checks when you create or open a database to see if it is on any of the well known cloud services. A warning is issued if the database is stored on a cloud drive.

Help was not working in RWServer Config.

There could be problems if you were running different Readerware programs at the same time both converting a Readerware 3 database to Readerware 4 format. i.e. books and music. This has now been fixed.

The Language search was returning incorrect results.

Changing some preferences would not stick when running Readerware in client/server mode. They would be reset when Readerware was restarted.

The Readerware Windows installer is now more anti-virus friendly. You should not see file in use errors as Readerware is installed.

We added a new easy upgrade path for Windows users which will kick in when the next update is available.

Readerware 4.00

Readerware 4 is a major upgrade, it includes:
New advanced search capabilities. Search on multiple fields and conditions. You can perform negative searches, search for date ranges, empty fields etc. You can save searches and run them at any time.

You can copy/paste complete items in the same database and between databases. You can now merge multiple databases using copy/paste.

Standard columns can now be renamed. Each database can have customized column names.

You can now include up to eight images for each item. Four thumbnail and four large images.

Auto-Catalog can now be hidden. It will continue in the background letting you use other programs while auto-catalog is running.

A Readerware database can now include a description to help you keep track of multiple databases.

Improved support for accented characters when searching.

Network information detection is improved.

Readerware 4 (Books) now handles a series number with a decimal place, i.e. 3.1

Readerware 4 (Music) now includes support for multiple artists.

Readerware 4 (Music) can auto-catalog from Discogs.

The Readerware Loan Client now handles all media types. The loan client automatically connects to all databases provided by the server and lets you checkout any item from the one program.

Numerous other enhancements and updates

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