Download Readerware Mobile 3.45 for Android

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Android 2.1 or higher


Readerware for Android is part of Readerware Mobile Edition. If you are evaluating Readerware you can also evaluate the Android version. When you purchase Readerware you do need to purchase a Readerware Mobile Edition license in order to use Readerware on your Android device. Readerware Mobile Edition includes support for both your desktop and mobile devices. Existing Readerware Standard Edition users can upgrade to Readerware Mobile Edition.

To install Readerware for Android or upgrade your current installation, select from the links to your right using the browser on your Android device. When upgrading there is no need to uninstall first, just install over your current installation. This will upgrade the Readerware programs but will not touch your databases.

The recommended way to install Readerware programs on your Android device is to install from Google Play, formerly Android Market. Google Play will then notify you when updates are available.

If you prefer you can download directly from our website. When downloading from the Readerware web site you will need to set the option on your device to allow non-Market applications. This is typically listed in the applications section of the Android settings app. When the download completes, open your download folder and select the downloaded file to begin the installation.

There is help with using Readerware on Android in the online help.

After downloading, please check out the Readerware Newsletter. You can sign up for a free newsletter subscription, it will keep you informed about new Readerware releases and features.

Need help getting started with Readerware? Check out the Readerware Tutorials.

Thank you for downloading Readerware Mobile for Android. Full support is always available.