View Statistics

You can display the view statistics dialog by selecting the View->Statistics menu item.

It is important to understand that the statistics are for the current search results. So if you want the statistics for the full database, make sure you do a full database search or click on the All Books toolbar button. This means that you can also get statistics for books by category, on loan etc.

This dialog contains the following information about your books:

Number of titles (records) - This is the number of different titles displayed, i.e. the number of records.

Number of books - This is the number of books displayed. The difference between the title and book counts is that books include copies. So if you have 2 books displayed and 3 copies of each book, the title count will be 2 and the book count will be 6.

Total Value of books - This is the total value of all the books. This is just a simple accumulation of the estimated value field. It does not perform any currency conversion. If you use this field, you should ensure that foreign currencies imported from overseas web sites are converted to the local currency.

Number of unvalued books - The number of books that do not have an estimated value.

Number of first editions - The number of first editions.

Number of signed books - The number of signed copies

Number read - The number of books flagged as read

Number unread - The number of books not flagged as read. Just waiting for a rainy day.

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