Printing a Borrower Receipt

Readerware lets you print a borrower receipt that lists all books a borrower has checked out and also identifies overdue books.

The borrower receipt is designed to work with receipt printers and generate a compact listing that you can slip inside a book at checkout. You can configure the Readerware Loan Client so that it automatically prints the receipt at checkout, select the Preferences menu item, then Loans.

If you prefer you can only print the receipt on request or to help with a user query. Select the File->Print->Borrower receipt menu item.

Selecting the borrowers to print

Readerware will print a receipt for the currently selected borrowers. Start by searching your database to list the borrowers you want to print. Now select File->Print->Borrower receipt.

Printing Receipts

Select and setup your printer

Setup the page - You can choose the font and margins for the receipt.

Optional message - You can optionally include a few lines of text to be displayed at the bottom of each receipt. You could include the name of your library, maybe a website or phone number etc.

Click on the Print button to print your borrower receipt.

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