Printing Barcodes

Readerware lets you print borrower ID barcodes from your database. Use borrower ID barcodes to identify your borrowers as they check books in and out.

Selecting the borrowers to print

Readerware will print ID barcodes for the current search results or selected borrowers. Start by searching your database to list the borrowers you want to print. Now select File->Print->Borrower ID barcodes.

Printing Barcodes

Select and setup your printer - You can print barcodes on any ink jet or laser printer using label sheets. Readerware also supports Dymo LabelWriter label printers which take label rolls.

Select the items you want to print - You can print the current search results or selected items.

Choose your label stock from the list - Readerware supports Avery 5160/8160 label sheets on any ink jet or laser printer. If you have a Dymo LabelWriter printer select either the 30252 address labels or 1738595 barcode labels. The address labels normally work best, they are easier to find in stores and are bigger. They can hold both the barcode and additional text. The Dymo barcode labels are smaller and have room for a barcode only.

Add a line of text to your label - You can optionally include the borrower name that will be output below the barcode.

Click on the Print button to print your barcode labels.

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