Search List Preferences

The Readerware Loan Client includes two search bars, a borrower search bar and a book search bar.

You can customize both search bars. You can show and hide items and change the order. Hide the searches you never user, move the searches you use all the time to the top of the list.

The first item in each search bar is the default search. You should set the default search to match how you normally search for items. For example, if you normally search for borrowers by scanning a barcode, you should set the default search to Borrower ID, i.e. put the Borrower ID search at the top of the list.

Search List

Searches displayed with a green check mark are included in the search bar, those displayed with a red X are hidden. Double-click on an entry to toggle its state.

To change the order of a search entry in the list select it and use the arrow keys to move it up or down.

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