Readerware Loan Client Toolbar

The Readerware Loan Client window toolbar has the following buttons:

Loan/Return Mode - Select this button to Toggle between loan and return modes. The button icon and title will change to indicate the current mode.

Loan/Return - Depending on the mode of the application this button will be displayed as Loan (check out) or Return (check in). Selecting this button will perform the specified action.

Loan Options - When checking books out the Loan Options button will be enabled. By default a new loan begins on the current date and the length of the loan is the value set in preferences. Use this button to change the terms on new loans. You can change the out date and the due date. These settings will be in effect until you change the borrower. i.e. All new loans to this borrower will use the terms set in the Loan Options dialog.

Edit Loan - When displaying an existing loan the Edit Loan button will be enabled. You can edit the terms of the current loan. i.e. Extend the due date.

Borrower Home - Select Borrower Home to display the current borrower search results in the table view. Designed to be used to return from the borrower detail view to the borrower table view.

Add Borrower - Select Add Borrower to add a new borrower to the database.

Delete Borrowers - Select Delete Borrowers to delete one or more borrowers from the database.

All Borrowers - Select All Borrowers to display all borrowers in the borrower table view.

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