Readerware Table View

The Readerware table view displays your data in a spreadsheet style view.

You can customize the view, you can determine what columns are displayed and in what order. To show or hide a column, right click on a column header and use the popup menu. To move columns around, drag the column header to the desired location.

Sorting the table view

You can sort the table view on any column(s). To sort on a column, just click on a column header. An icon is displayed in the header to indicate it is the sort column. The arrow indicates whether the sort is ascending or descending. Click again in the column header to toggle the sequence.

To sort on a secondary column hold down the Ctrl key, (Mac users hold down the Apple/Command key), and click on another column header. For example to sort your borrowers by last name then first name, first click on the last name column header. Then hold down the Ctrl key and click on the first name column header.

Navigating the table view

In the book table view most fields are displayed like links in a browser and you can click on them to refine your search results.

For example click on an author to see books by that author. You can keep refining the search results by clicking on links. Use the Book Home menu item to return to the main result.

You can select one or more rows by clicking on the cursor icon at the beginning of a row.

You can display a particular item in the detail view by clicking on the green enter icon at the beginning of a row. Use the Borrower Home toolbar button or menu item to return to the table view.

You can jump to a new location in the table view. Right click on a column header, type one or more characters and hit the Enter key. Readerware will look down the column for the first entry that starts with the specified data and position that row at the top of the view. You can do this with any column but normally you would choose the primary sort column to jump to a specific borrower for example.

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