Readerware Loan Client Borrower Section

The borrower section of the Readerware Loan Client window consists of a search bar and table view containing the search results. You can also drill down and display the detail view for any borrower.

When the program starts the borrower search bar has the focus, the default search is selected and you are ready to enter the search criteria, scan a barcode or enter the search text. This means that as soon as the program opens you are ready to search for borrowers. The same thing happens after you switch between loan and return modes. The idea is that the borrower search bar is the starting point for checking books in and out.

You can customize the borrower search bar in preferences. It is important to set the appropriate default search. If you are using a barcode reader to select the borrower, make sure the Borrower ID is the default search selection. If you will be selecting borrowers from the list, make the Borrower search the default. If you will be searching by last name or phone number, make them the default search. You can always select another search but it is important that the default search is set so that you are ready to go when the program starts. If you normally check out by barcode then you have the Borrower ID search as the default. If a borrower has forgotten their ID, you can switch to a last name search for example.

However you search for borrowers, the matching borrowers are displayed in the table view. That should contain enough information to identify the correct borrower. You can also click on the green arrow icon to display the borrower in the detail view. If a borrower wants to change their contact information, you can do this in the borrower detail view. Click on the Borrower Home toolbar button to return to the table view.

As you select a borrower in the table view, the focus is switched to the book search bar. You are now ready to search for the book to loan out or return.

Put this altogether and you can see that the Readerware Loan Client makes it very quick and easy to check books in or out. Scan the borrower barcode to identify the borrower. Without you doing anything else you are now ready to scan the barcode on the book. Finally click on the Loan button and the book is checked out.

You can also assign any function to a hotkey. So rather than click on Loan to checkout, you could hit the F2 key. You can set hotkeys in preferences.

Changing the loan terms

When you make a new loan, Readerware uses the current date as the loan date and calculates the return date using the default loan period specified in preferences. If you want to change either date click on the Loan Options toolbar button to display the Loan Options dialog. You can change the loan out date and the due date. These settings will remain in effect until you change the borrower. i.e. All new loans to this borrower will use the terms set in the Loan Options dialog.

Editing a loan

You can also update an existing loan. Switch to return mode, select the borrower and then the book. Click on the Edit Loan toolbar button to display the Edit Loan dialog. Again you can change both the loan out date and the due date. This is designed to let you extend a loan.

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