Readerware Loan Client Book Section

The book section of the Readerware Loan Client window consists of a search bar and table view containing the search results. You can also drill down and display the detail view for any book.

When a borrower is selected the focus is transferred to the book search bar. What happens exactly depends on whether the program is in loan mode or return mode.

In loan mode the default search is selected and you are already to enter the search criteria, scan a barcode or enter the search text. This means that as soon as you select the borrower you are ready to select the first book to check out. You can customize the book search bar in preferences. It is important to set the appropriate default search. If you have assigned your own barcode labels to each book, then you need to select a Book ID or User Number search. If you will be searching for books using the publisher barcode, you need to select an ISBN search etc. You can always select another search but it is important that the default search is set so that you are ready to go when a borrower is selected. If you normally check out by ISBN but you run into a book with no ISBN, you can switch to an author search for example. In loan mode you can search for multiple books and each one will be added to the results list. When done click on the Loan button to loan out all selected books to the current borrower.

In return mode Readerware displays the books the borrower has checked out and selects them, you can click on the Return button to check them all in. To return only some items, change the selection so that only the books to be returned are selected.

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