View Statistics

You can display the view statistics dialog by selecting the View->Loan Statistics menu item.

It is important to understand that the statistics are for the current book search results. So if you want the statistics for the full database, make sure you do a full database search or select the Search->All Books menu item.

This dialog contains the following information about your books:

Number of titles (records) - This is the number of different titles displayed, i.e. the number of records.

Number of books - This is the number of books displayed. The difference between the title and book counts is that books include copies. So if you have 2 books displayed and 3 copies of each book, the title count will be 2 and the book count will be 6.

Number of Volumes - This is the number of volumes. i.e. it includes volumes in a multi-volume set.

Number of Active Loans - The number of books that are currently out on loan.

Number of overdue books - The number of books that are currently overdue.

Number of books never checked out - The number of books that have never been checked out. This can be used to determine which books are unpopular.

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