Detail View Preferences

This panel is used to change detail view preferences.

Image Preferences

Readerware can display thumbnail images in the detail view panels. You can choose to display the first, both or no images. You can also specify the image location.

Default Tab

Readerware normally selects the Summary tab when the detail view is displayed. You can change that and make any tab the default.

Summary Display Templates

Readerware uses an HTML template to layout the summary panel. You can choose from the list of installed templates to determine the format of the summary panel.

You can also create and install your own templates. These templates use the same format as report writer templates.

Default Display Type

Using the display type you can control how much information Readerware displays in the detail view.

Normally Readerware uses the Standard format but you can change the default format to meet your needs.

Dialog Preferences

Readerware displays confirmation dialogs as you add or update a record. You can turn these dialogs off if you find then intrusive.

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