Mobile Preferences

Use this panel to choose which fields are transferred to Readerware Mobile.

Database Columns

Columns displayed with a green check mark are transferred, those displayed with a red X are not. Double-click on an entry to toggle its state.

Maximum Length

Select a column in the above list. The contents of the maximum length field will change allowing you to enter a maximum length for the column. Memory can be at a premium on mobile devices. This lets you limit the amount of data sent to your Readerware Mobile device. For example you might want to include the beginning of the item info field so that you have an idea of the contents, but limit the amount of data sent as this field can contain a lot of data.

Image Size

When transferring images choose a size that matches your device. The default setting uses the recommended size for your device when using network synchronization. It uses medium sized images when exporting. You can override this and choose a specific size that will be used by both network synchronization and export.

You can also set the image size on the device itself. If you intend to set the image size on the device, you must set the image size here to Use device defaults. If you set a specific image size here, it will override device settings.

Network Synchronization

When network synchronization is enabled you can synchronize your Readerware database with your Readerware mobile device over your home network. This is a quick and easy way to synchronize your data.

When enabled Readerware will listen on the specified network port for synchronization requests. Your current IP address is displayed. You can use this to initiate the synchronization request from Readerware Mobile.

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