Database Preferences

Use this panel to change Readerware database options, these control how Readerware stores and displays your data.

Run Default Search on Open

If checked Readerware will run the default search whenever you start the program or open a new database.

With this option on you will see the results of your default search when you start Readerware. With it off you will see a blank page. Turning this option off can improve startup time.

Include Image Support

If checked Readerware will automatically add images for each item you catalog using auto-catalog or drag & drop. You will be able to manually add images for other books.

Images can take up a lot of space, so if you do not need them you can clear this option and no images will be stored.

Include Want List in Searches

If checked Readerware will include your want list in database searches. If not checked, want list items are excluded from database searches. An item is determined to be in your want list if the status is Want or Ordered.

Note: This applies to all database searches except when you are searching by Status. If you search the database for items with a status of Want or Ordered, they will always be returned regardless of how this option is set.

Refresh History

If checked Readerware will automatically reload result pages that have changed when they are accessed using the navigation buttons, Home, Back, Forward. If unchecked, the page is displayed as is. This may mean that the page does not reflect the current database state. It is normally OK to leave this option checked but if reloading a page from history becomes too slow because the database has grown very large, you can turn this option off.

Allow Duplicate ISBNs/UPCs

If checked Readerware will allow duplicate primary keys in the database, the ISBN of a book, the UPC of an album or video. If not checked, Readerware will reject duplicates.

Date Preferences

Readerware can display dates in one of three formats, the full date, month and year or year only. Sometimes you don't have the full date, you might know the exact date you purchased an item but might only know the year an item was released.

Select the date you want to change from the list and then set the appropriate option.

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