Book Preferences

The Readerware Book Preferences tab is used to configure book related settings.

ISBN Handling

By default Readerware validates each ISBN you enter. If you receive an error when entering an ISBN, it means that the ISBN check digit validation failed. Normally you can resolve this by checking the ISBN and correcting it. Occasionally you might find that Readerware rejects an ISBN even though you entered it exactly as printed on the book. Very rarely the publisher may include an invalid ISBN, this is normally on older titles, issued when the ISBN was new.

You can tell Readerware to accept the invalid ISBN anyway using the error dialog that is displayed.

If you want to disable ISBN validation and accept whatever you enter without requiring you to respond to the confirmation dialog, check the Accept Invalid ISBN  Without Confirmation radio button. Clear this button and Readerware will display a confirmation dialog whenever it encounters an invalid ISBN.

UPC Manufacturer Mapping

To convert a mass market paperback UPC or barcode to an ISBN, Readerware needs to map the UPC manufacturer code to the ISBN publisher code. Using this table, you can delete and change the mappings. Normally this is handled automatically when you scan the barcode, but you can change the mappings and add codes for publishers that have been assigned multiple codes. More info.

The Button Panel

Once you have made your changes, click on OK to save them and have them take effect. Click on Cancel to discard your changes. Note you only have to click on OK when you have finished all your changes, you can move between tabs and only click OK when you are done. This will close the Readerware preferences dialog.

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