Invalid ISBN/UPC Dialog

This dialog is displayed whenever Readerware detects an invalid ISBN or UPC.

Normally when Readerware indicates that an ISBN or UPC is invalid, it means that you typed in the number incorrectly. Simply correct the mistake and try again. Very rarely Readerware will display the error, even when you entered the ISBN exactly as printed on a book. This is because the publisher included an invalid ISBN. This does occasionally happen, especially on older books published when the ISBN system was new.

You can tell Readerware to accept this item anyway by clicking on the Accept button.

You can tell Readerware to reject this item by clicking on the Reject button.
You can tell Readerware to remember your decision for the rest of this session by checking the Remember this decision check box. If you then click Accept, Readerware will accept future invalid items. If you click Reject, Readerware will reject future invalid items. 

ISBN Format

An ISBN consists of 9 digits followed by a check digit. The check digit will be a number or the letter X. You can enter the ISBN with or without punctuation. i.e.

UPC Format

A US UPC currently contains 12 digits, most other countries use a 13 digit UPC. The US is adopting the 13 digit UPC. If you are typing in CD and DVD barcodes, you must ensure that you type in all digits. 

In the above example, you would enter 731458917724, you must include the digits to the left and right of the barcode.


The Button Panel

Click Accept to accept this ISBN/UPC as is.

Click Reject to reject this ISBN/UPC.

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