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About Readerware

Readerware. Internet software for collectors, sellers, libraries, schools, churches. Catalog books, DVDs, videos, CDs, SACD, LaserDiscs, VHS, eBooks, audio books and more.

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Note: During the transition from Readerware 2 to Readerware 3 all new orders will receive both products. The Readerware 3.0 beta release is not included on CD but it is available for download. More...

Readerware currently offers three product lines: Readerware for books, ReaderwareAW for music and ReaderwareVW for video.

Each product comes in three editions: Standard Edition, Palm Edition and Client/Server Edition.

You can purchase individual products or order a bundle of all three for substantial savings:

Basic Pricing Information
Edition Single Product Three Product Bundle
Standard Edition $40 $75
Palm Edition $50 $85
Client/Server Edition $90 $125
All prices are in US dollars. These are download prices, add $10 for CD delivery.
There are no monthly charges with Readerware, these are one time purchase prices.

You can pay by credit card, PayPal, check or money order.

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To continue, please click on one of the ordering links below. If you are still not sure what to order, click here. If you have questions about the ordering process, check out the Ordering FAQ.

New customers, 3 product bundle (Books, Music & Videos)

New Readerware customers (Books only)

New ReaderwareAW customers (Music only)

New ReaderwareVW customers (Video only)

Readerware 3.0 upgrades for existing customers

Product upgrades for existing customers

CD only, all versions

Free CueCat Offer While supplies last you can now get a FREE CueCat when you order a Readerware bundle on CD.

Order a Readerware bundle with free CueCat.

Readerware Newsletter

After registering, please check out the Readerware Newsletter. You can sign up for a free newsletter subscription. It will keep you informed about new Readerware releases and products.

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