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About Readerware

Readerware. Internet software for collectors, sellers, libraries, schools, churches. Catalog books, DVDs, videos, CDs, SACD, LaserDiscs, VHS, eBooks, audio books and more.

Welcome to Readerware

Free CueCat Offer Readerware products work with virtually any barcode reader including the CueCat®. While supplies last, Readerware is giving away FREE CueCats with selected product bundles.

Simply scan the barcode or UPC on a book, CD or video, Readerware does the rest. Its unique auto-catalog feature will do the work of building a database for you. It searches the internet and automatically catalogs your collection. It generates full information including cover art, track listings, credits etc.

Drag and drop support. Find a new must have title while browsing the new releases? Simply drag and drop, the item is cataloged.

Palm and iPod support, take your database with you wherever you go. Great in stores, never buy a duplicate title again!

Find out more by taking the Readerware Tutorial. Then download all Readerware products for a free 30 day trial.

Not convinced? See what Readerware customers have to say.

ReaderwareAW, the fastest, easiest way to catalog your music collection
ReaderwareAW thumbnail view ReaderwareAW detail view ReaderwareAW fisheye view ReaderwareAW tree view album selection ReaderwareAW table view ReaderwareAW tree view artist selection
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ReaderwareAW is the easiest, fastest way to catalog your music library. It generates full information including disc and track listings, cover art. ReaderwareAW supports not just CDs but new formats like SACD, DVD Audio, DualDisc, even vinyl! No need to feed CDs into your CD drive, just scan the barcode or drag and drop. It's that easy.

ReaderwareVW, the fastest, easiest way to catalog your video collection
ReaderwareVW thumbnail view ReaderwareVW detail view ReaderwareVW fisheye view ReaderwareVW tree view movie selection ReaderwareVW table view ReaderwareVW tree view title selection
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ReaderwareVW is the easiest, fastest way to catalog your video collection. It supports all formats, DVDs, VHS and LaserDiscs. It generates full video information including acting and directing credits, publisher and cover art. Now includes IMDb support.

Readerware, the fastest, easiest way to catalog your library
Readerware thumbnail view Readerware detail view Readerware fisheye view Readerware tree view book selection Readerware table view Readerware tree view author selection
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If you love books, are an avid reader, collector, researcher or anyone who needs to maintain a collection of books, then Readerware is a must have product. Readerware is the ultimate book lovers tool, there is no easier or faster way to catalog and maintain your collection. No data entry required!

See what Readerware products can do for you, check the links to your left to explore the site and the unique functionality found only in Readerware. Then download all Readerware products for a free 30 day trial. You have nothing to lose, try it today!

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